24 hours in Anchorage


At the western end of downtown Anchorage Snow City Café has some of the best breakfast food in town. There will likely be a worthwhile wait for a table, but there is drip coffee available in the waiting area. Try the eggs benedict with salmon or crab cakes. Or if you’re in more of a hurry to get into the outdoors then stop by one of the many Kaladi Brothers Coffee locations in Anchorage. The coffee is locally roasted in Alaska and truly the best around.


Hike up Flattop Mountain in Chugach State Park. On a clear day you can see much of the Chugach Mountains, Anchorage, the Cook Inlet and maybe even Denali in the Alaska Range far to the northwest. The Flattop Mountain Shuttle will take you up there from the city if you don’t have a car. Or rent bikes from Pablo’s Bicycle Rentals or Anchorage Bike Rentals and cruise around Kincaid Park… Just be sure to watch out for moose.


The fish tacos at the Bear Tooth Grill are delicious and the location is conveniently close to downtown, but my favorite lunchtime spot is Midnight Sun Brewing. Daily specials include taco Tuesdays and posole on Thursdays, but everything on the menu is amazing. Their beer is also some of the best in town.


If you decide to stay in the city for the afternoon, check out the Alaska Native Heritage Center to learn more about the cultural history of the state. If the Boar Tide is changing in Turnagain Arm, there are a number of scenic pull-offs along the Seward Highway to watch paddle boarders and surfers catch the wave…. Yes you can surf in Alaska! While along Turnagain Arm keep an eye out for bald eagles and white beluga whales.


Remember you’re in Alaska so stick with the seafood. Fresh crab, halibut, and salmon should be your go-to’s. Humpy’s Great Alaska Ale House is your stop for fish and chips and other local food. For a higher end dining experience reserve a table at Simon & Seafort’s and cross your fingers that Halibut Cheeks are on the menu that day.


There are a number of micro breweries in Anchorage such as the aforementioned Midnight Sun Brewing, Anchorage Brewing Company, King Street Brewing Company and the Broken Tooth Brewing Company. If beer isn’t your style head to South to try a custom crafted cocktail. Their Moscow Mule is my favorite, but they are also famous for their gin cocktails.


Keep in mind that sunset might be as late as 11:30pm in the middle of the summer. If you’re still awake, check out the show at Lake Hood or Point Woronzof Park. Lake Hood is the largest seaplane base in the world and reflects the sun perfectly if you sit on the deck or grass in front of the Lakefront Hotel. If you have a car then head around the north side of the Anchorage airport, past Earthquake Park, to Point Woronzof Park to watch the sun set behind Sleeping Lady (the mountain to the west) and prepare for the roar of jets taking off right over your head.

7 tips for visiting Anchorage

  • If it is wintertime prepare for only a few hours of sunlight.
  • If it is summertime prepare for it not to get dark.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t see Denali from the city because it is usually covered in clouds.
  • Bring a jacket. Even summer days can be cool.
  • Check out some local music since big name bands rarely make it up here.
  • Eat fresh seafood!
  • Slow down for moose while driving. And give them plenty of room if you see them on the trail. Moose kill way more people than bears.

Medevac Air Ambulance


The safety of our patients and crew is our top priority. With that in mind, we are continuing to closely monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and update our procedures.In accordance with CDC, we are implementing contingency plans and putting additional protocols into each part of our services. All crews go through decontamination procedures and all aircrafts and ambulances are deep-cleaned after each use.

Our services are considered ‘Essential Service’, however there are many state and local requirements to navigate. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. As always, we are proud to serve you and provide you with clear information and safe solutions that ensure a secure and safe service for all. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any new and pertinent information.

Last Update: January 11, 2021

You can view the following resources for your reference:

Get in [ edit ]

Anchorage is served by most major American carriers and will also be served by Icelandair from Reykjavik from 15 May 2013. Air travel is the cheapest and most efficient form of transportation in and out of the state. Non-stop flights are available from Chicago, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle year-round. Many arriving and departing out-of-state flights are late-night "red-eyes," but there are often many daytime flights to and from Seattle. Anchorage recently completed extensive remodeling and construction at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (IATA: ANC) (ICAO: PANC)[36] to help accommodate the upsurge in tourism (unofficial sources have estimated the numbers for 2004 at some four million tourists arriving in Alaska between May and September).

Anchorage is also accessible from the contiguous U.S. (locally referred to as "the Lower 48") and Canada via road. The Alaska Highway starts in northern British Columbia and terminates in Fairbanks. You can get to Anchorage via either the Parks Highway from Fairbanks or the Glenn Highway from Tok (the first major Alaskan town after crossing the Canadian border). The Seward Highway serves traffic entering Anchorage from the Kenai Peninsula to the south and its Alaska Marine Highway System terminals.

Make sure to pick up a copy of The Milepost [37], which is widely regarded as the premier road guide for western Canada and Alaska. The Milepost has extremely detailed route descriptions of all of the roads, pointing out everything from scenic viewpoints and campgrounds down to the names of small creeks the roads pass over. If you're flying in to Anchorage and then driving around the state, wait and pick up a copy of The Milepost at one of the local Costcos or WalMarts--the price there is around half of list price.

Many cruise lines provide transportation from their terminals to Anchorage and may even include tours or your return air travel out of the state.




  1. Remote Alaska service with 24-hour dispatch
  2. Coordination with the insurance company
  3. Arrangement of all ground ambulance service
  4. Post flight follow-up
  5. International Service Canada and Mexico

Our Mission

The Mission of Medevac Alaska is to provide the highest level of medical care, compassion, and community awareness in an ever-changing environment. To provide a responsive company that is able to quickly adjust to customer’s needs, and most importantly to provide a safe environment for our customers and employees.


Medevac Alaska provides medical transport at the ALS level, utilizing Alaska Licensed Flight Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Medevac Alaska Flight Teams are trained and certified in Advanced Medical Life Support, International Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, as well as Basic Life Support. Medevac Alaska Flight Teams can initiate or continue a high level of medical care and stabilization from point of access to definitive care.

Care areas include:

  • Cardiac Care ACLS, ACS care, 12 lead
  • Stroke Care
  • Trauma Burns, Spinal Cord Injuries, Orthopedic
  • Respiratory Ventilator support, Continuation of Sedation
  • Bariatric Care Available dependent upon aircraft availability
  • Medical Infectious Diseases, Cancer
  • Post discharge care and transport
  • Continuation of care already initiated Medevac Alaska MICP with written orders will continue care according to sending Physicians orders


Medevac Alaska utilizes Certified Flight Nurses and Nationally Registered Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Our Flight Team members come from many walks of life but share the same background. Many of our Medevac Alaska Flight Team members are hired after several years in busy ICU, ER or 911 systems, where they acquire a great deal of real world experience with all aspects of both emergency medical care and interfacility care. Our providers are then trained to be able to provide extensive care in harsh and austere environments such as disaster sites, oil rigs or international/remote clinics. We believe that this model gives them the flexibility and skill set to deliver high quality care in this most demanding of environments.


Medevac Alaska Ambulance Service transports patients via ground ambulance in Mat/Su and Anchorage to area hospitals. We serve as ground ambulance support for inbound and outbound Air Ambulance flights at Anchorage airports. Medevac Alaska also provides hassle-free transportation to and from medical appointments for clients requiring medical care. Our service includes long range transport within the road system. The Medevac Alaska team is dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality patient care. For additional information or to schedule a transport, call Medevac Alaska at (907) 310-9001 or toll free (877) 985-5022.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately!


For patients who are unable or would rather not travel alone through today busy airports, Medevac Alaska can provide a Flight Nurse or Paramedic as an escort. Remove the stress associated with traveling through TSA checkpoints at today’s hectic International Airports. The Medevac Alaska team is dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality patient care. For additional information or to schedule a transport, call Medevac Alaska at (907) 310-9001 or toll free (877) 985-5022.

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