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Chapter 3 Quiz Questions

Термины в модуле (29)

(3) multinational limited partnership

(1) changes in the supply of and/or demand for dollars in the global currency market.

(2) decisions made by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in order to implement monetary policy.

(3) negotiated rate adjustments between the U.S. government and the World Trade Organization.

(1) an increase of jobs in developed nations.

(2) mutually beneficial exchange relationships.

(3) higher prices for imported goods.

(1) maintaining robust Chinese exports and a favorable balance of trade for China.

(2) developing better relations with industrialized countries who want to increase the value of their exports.

(3) stability and strength of the Chinese yuan against the U.S. dollar and the euro.

(2) an unfavorable balance of trade.

(1) the cash inflows equals the value of the cash outflows.

(2) imports is less than the value of exports.

(3) imports equals the value of exports.

(1) the World Trade Commission

(3) Export Assistance Centers

(3) export constraint policies.

(1) if your product sells well in the U.S. it will sell well globally.

(2) sell to countries with high standards of living.

(3) find a need in the global market and fill it.

Ever since he was five years old, Rhett Tenna has had poor eyesight and as an eyeglass wearer he suffered through all the names that went along with it. Rhett eventually switched from glasses to contacts, but he always wondered why his glasses were not fashionable. After graduation from college, Rhett set out on a lifelong goal: to make eyewear synonymous with fashion. He opened a specialty store called "The Eyes Have It." His marketing plan was to remove the social stigma of wearing glasses, and replace it with a sense of flair and high fashion. From the day he opened his first store, Rhett's plan met with resounding success. Today, "The Eyes Have It" has grown from that single outlet to a medium-sized company with dozens of stores located in six states, and a manufacturing plant that turns out designer frames.

A recent internal audit, however, suggested a problem that Rhett had not anticipated. The study indicated that the U.S. market is just about saturated and growth of "The Eyes Have It" stores will be very limited. The audit concerned Rhett until he recognized an untapped market existed overseas. If people all over the world have the same problem, the global market opportunities are fantastic! All in favor of going global say: "The Eyes Have It"!

Next year, in order to cut both time and cost in getting new styles to global markets, Rhett plans to ________ a few of his designer lines. Rhett will send his designs to manufacturers in India, Bangladesh, and Turkey who will produce the eyeglasses in facilities in their respective countries. This will not only reduce the cost of labor, it will help Rhett reach regional markets in a timely manner.

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Back in the first lockdown – all those months ago – one of the innovations that helped people through was the video call pub quiz, and with the UK now deep into another lockdown it might be well time to get back into the quizzing spirit.

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The beauty of the pub quiz is that everyone can get involved, with rounds for all-ages and interests sure to bring out the competitive streak in even the most casual of players.

From general knowledge and TV, to film, sport, Star Wars, food and drink, history, geography and ’70s music, there should be something for everyone, and we’ve also used our TV expertise for specific rounds on the likes of Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders and The Simpsons.

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